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Hi I am Yashaswi Dobhal from Delhi.. I joined #YPF when I was just 12 years old .
It was festival season and one fine day I got a call from Delhi YPF team that there is an important meeting scheduled, the first thought I had was ­”I am just 12, will I be able to contribute something useful?.” But it all went good, In the meeting I was
informed that after 2 days
they have planned an #ANTI­POLLUTION CAMPAIGN regarding Diwali, So I was
supposed to be there as a volunteer.
Finally the ­DAY arrived and I went to the venue, It was planned in a #MALL.
I got totally mesmerized when I saw the atmosphere there.. people were holding playcards,posters which include a message regarding Anti pollution and Say no to crackers, well I did the same there.
#Peacetree was also there in which people were writing message what they are
ACTUALLY not going to burn crackers this
#YPF provided me a platform which I literally need in such a tender age.


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