Write and Art for Peace at S S Memorial College, Kanke Road Ranchi

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Peace is a blessing that the Supreme has bestowed upon us and placed within every human being unconditionally and without any kind of discrimination to be felt and realized as and when one wishes to do so and enjoy this life on this planet earth. But due to outside distractions we have forgotten about our innate treasure of peace, joy, happiness and contentment. Everyone on this earth since our birth has taught and guided us to be extrovert and ruin our life, because everything satisfying lies within us. And the most precious thing is Peace lying within, we are thirsty for.

Youth Peace Foundation having a group of young people devoted to spreading this message of realizing peace in this life all over the globe is leaving no stone unturned to let every human being know about it. YPF Team, Ranchi organized Write and Talk for Peace on 8th April, 2015 at S.S.Memorial College, Kanke Road, Ranchi. Many youth took active participation into these two activities and gave innovative ideas about Peace to be a blessing for each living person on this planet. Every participant was very joyous and happy and wished to take this message to more people.


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