Signature for Peace at Khadi & Saras Mahotsav in Ranchi

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In today’s hustles bustle life where we have forgotten most important lesson of life that “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s trouble but it takes away  today’s peace”….. Yes Peace is needed by each human being.  It is the very base of our contentment.

Understanding the value of Peace in one’s life, YPF Ranchi team decided to spread the message by organising a Signature for Peace activity in
in Khadi & Saras Mahotsav in Moradabad, Ranchi. Among various stalls present there people showed more curiosity and excitement while signing up for Peace. Around 300 people participated in the unique activity and ended up with a smile.

A smile that depicted happiness and a ray of hope that at least somebody has started working on Peace seriously.


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