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Pooja’s story with YPF

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Pooja, From-Bhopal

I am so Happy that #Youth_Peace_Foundation has completed its 1000 days.

I came in touch with this organization after attending the #Workshop which held in Delhi. I really liked the concept because it was very catchy and its activities were so good and different.

We have done so many events in our area. I still remember when first time we organized #YPF event. There we organized #Talk_for_peace. I was so excited and quite nervous too because theme of the talk was #Peace.

we all want it but did not think about it but I was amazed to saw how beautifully participants were talking about the #Need_of_Peace. Their thoughts were really so impressive… That day one thing became clear to me that every single person want peace in their lives.

YPF give people a chance to think about it and give a second thought on culture of peace. I saw the changes in people’s life, they don’t get depressed that easily because now they know that even if things are not going as our way but we are still alive and have that #Gift_of_life so this is the reason to be happy.

Thanks YPF for giving a thought of peace in people’s life.😊


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