Peace Activity at Mukeria, Hoshiarpur, Punjab

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It’s simple: as individuals and as a society, we either move towards peace or away from it. Peace means something slightly different to each one of us, but we all feel when we’re at peace and when we’re not.

Each day of our life is filled with thousands of actions and thoughts, some of them peaceful and some not so peaceful.  Steps Towards Peace was a small effort taken by YPF team, aiming to encourage participants and event sponsors to shift their focus and actions to being more peaceful. Which in turn can make our lives, relationships, communities, and world more peaceful.

YPF team organized an event at Mukeriya to develop the culture of peace. There were lots of games as well as activities focusing on different ways to represent peace. Some Motivational stories and videos were also shown to participants. All of them enjoyed to their best every single thing presented in the programme. They expressed that they attended this kind of programme for the first time in their life and  truly wish to be a part of it in future too.

They warmly welcomed YPF team to their local places!! . Really “Little steps towards peace can change something Big”



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