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I am Neha Verma and #YPF is an indispensable part of my #life.
I got a chance to be a part of YPF when it was just an Idea. Few youths came up with an idea to establish the culture of Peace via team called YPF widely known as #Youth_Peace_Foundation and I feel myself very fortunate being a part of it.

In a wishy washy environment, we preceded just with utter dedication and one aim. The way to our destination was shady as we did not know the direction but the zeal and enthusiasm of our small army leads us to today where we are, as a known platform.

We got our first kick in the movement after a Live #Event held in Feb, 2014.And WHA MERA DOUBT KHATM HUA JAB MAINE DEKHA that besides me there are many youths who want to support us in “Developing the Culture of Peace” and not that, there are millions of people who got aspired by the ‘peace Message”.

I do Voluntary service in YPF mostly looking after the online promotions of YPF and its messages. I did some events along with my team to spread this culture of #Peace_and_Happiness all-around.

Once, While doing one activity, I met a man who commented “Meri Biwi ko bhi ye sunao” and that time I felt that it was not only him saying this everyone is saying the same thing blaming on one another for chaos in their lives, forgetting its utmost responsibility of every individual to enrich and glorify their lives enabling to make world a better place to live in.

Today I am so much aspired by YPF that while travelling, eating, and watching TV, whenever I see any face I feel, that can be a face of our venture as well. Across the globe, every individual wants #happiness and #peace and we want everyone to #listen and understand the message of #Peace. Here I wanted to thank Kushagra and Mandeep to aid me throughout whenever I needed while propagating our group’s message.

YPF is oxygen for me and it gave me good friends, good learning, positive attitude, generosity, calmness, easy going.


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