Freedom & Peace in Kolkata

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YPF Kolkata team celebrated Independence day 2016 in collaboration with Gurukul School! Where more than 150 people participated. The theme of the day was ‘#Freedom_and_Peace’ and the activities that Faculty and students took part in were diverse, colourful and inspiring.
Team organized #Dance_for_Peace and #Drama_for_Peace for students and #Talk_for_Peace for the faculty of the institution.
YPF Spokesperson at Kolkata says, “The goal of YPF is to promote peace and for this we are approaching schools, students and communities. Our activity provided a platform for students and teachers to explore Personal_peace in their life and Give_Peace_a_chance, and is a positive opportunity for them to get involved in creating a peaceful atmosphere around them.”
Chief guest Mrs Mary and Dr Vinod, says, “It is an absolute privilege to be invited as a chief guest for this kind of Initiative.
As an organisation, we know as well as anybody that this is in fact where the power lies. The youth are the future of this world. Therefore, educating and encouraging them to be advocates for peace and prosperity while still at a young age will ensure that they world grow up to be world changers.”

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