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Dinesh’s story with YPF

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Hi, its Dinesh Mangal from Jaipur (Gulabi Nagri)… Jaisa ye shaher waise hi meri kahani. I joined YPF in 2014.
This is the organization which works for youth to indulge them in Peace.
PEACE is very untouched topic for most of the youth, wo mante hi nahi ki shanti sambhav hai, wo to ise kisi Kalpna se kam ni batate.
But ypf proved it in MNIT Jaipur that Peace is necessary for youth too. I attended MNIT
event and saw reaction of youngsters there. It was remarkable event where youth enjoyed a lot and learned about why peace is necessary for us? How can we practice it in our daily life? When I saw them
listenening to the keynote speaker Mr. Prem Rawat with deep interest it gave
me immense calmness. At least through ypf we can touch the youth of society.
Now I m working upon some Whatsapp groups to involve everyone with this message. As this era is high­tech and Everyone is using whatsapp so it takes hardly a little time of your day and
at your own conveyance one can be introduced with this message. Our motto is to spread this message within society that Yes, #peace_is_possible!!.
The goal of “people for peace” can be easily achieved through YPF. Thanks to ypf for givingme such a wonderful opportunity
to interact with people and aware them about the #fundamental_need_of_Peace.



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